Week In Review 8/12-16

Monday Musings (A Time to Create Conversation)



This week Richard and I chatted with you all about marriage. We discussed what we both found most difficult in marriage and easiest. Truth of the matter is they both ended up being the same thing and it seems most of you agreed. The hardest part of marriage is sharing life with someone else 24/7 and communicating, but also the best part of marriage is getting to share life with someone. Is that an oxymoron? 


So many of you resonated with our chat. Questions about sex and intimacy outside of the bedroom. What we each do to annoy one other. How we see past the daily grind. If you missed this weeks chat be sure to head to my Instagram HERE and watch the highlight video in my bio called Marriage II. 

I think we will be doing this again. I can’t explain how many of you felt encouraged by hearing honesty and truth in marriage. We are no experts but just take it one day at a time and enjoy each other company. I hope it touched you all too and I hope we can continue to encourage one other with open honest conversations. 


Tuesday Tutorials (Tips, hacks, and DIYs)

Tuesday Tutorials was all about the Bissel Crosswave. This was not an #ad but just a new found love of mine that I got for my birthday. Yes, you are old when you want a vacuum for your birthday. This vacuum however is a mop and vacuum all in one! Yes, you heard me right! You can skip the step of vacuuming before mopping with this gem because it does it all in one. This has come highly recommended to me and even a followers husband works testing Bissel vacuums and said this was their finest product to date. The vacuum alone I have been told beats other vacuums on the market. Here are some points. . .   

*It can be used just to vacumn or just to mop or both together. 

*You can switch between hardwood and carpet. 

*There is a trigger function to release water. 

*You simply fill the storage tank with water, add your cleaning product and go. 

 *We use essential oils in our tank, purification, lemon, or lavender. 

*All parts come out and are rinsible. 

*Dump the tank of its nastiness out and rinse and reuse. 

*Richard and I both love this product. It might just be my favorite item I’ve bought! 

Linked Here Again.


Whatever Wednesday (My off day, to share my heart)

On Wednesday, I’ll share a few friends and some of my favorite things. I needed a more laid back day. That’s just what Wednesday’s will be for. .


Thursday Tours (I walk you through a spot I love) 

For the tour this week, I shared our entryway. If you missed it head over to Instagram and check out the highlight labeled Home Tour. I’ve shared our mudroom, half bath, living room, and now our entryway. 

Thursdays I’ll be sharing any and everything that I can walk you through. It might be as big as a room, or friends home, or as small as a drawer that I’ve organized. Regardless it’s a walking tour, so be sure to join me! 


Friday Finds (My favorite deals through the week) 

This is the day I’ve dedicated to collecting a few finds throughout the week that I really feel are a good deal. I like to be frugal and would not share something with you all that I wouldn’t want to spend my own money on. So be on the lookout for these deals on Friday. I’ll be share them here on the blog each week too in case you missed them. 



  1. Cutting Boards
  2. Floral Picture Set
  3. Arched Mirror
  4. Willow Baskets
  5. Vintage Scale
  6. Stage Light
  7. Shower Curtain
  8. Floral Pillow
  9. Floral Print
  10. Tree Prin


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